CST STUDIO SUITE 2021 三维全波电磁场仿真软件下载

 CST STUDIO SUITE 2021 三维全波电磁场仿真软件下载


对了应对这些挑战,SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2021引入了一系列新的增强和改进,提高了建模、网格和求解技术的通用性和性能。


General / 3D Modeling

  • Distributed Computing: Allow distribution of jobs to servers with inhomogeneous GPU count
  • Added support to protect lumped elements in protected projects
  • Wrap sheets and curves toward the faces of an arbitrary curved shape
  • Project curves toward a shape along the surface normal of the target shape
  • Enhanced healing and analysis of problematic shapes
  • Convert Discrete Ports to Lumped Elements and vice versa
  • Improved rendering performance for displaying the 3D geometry
  • Support of DSLS Licensing
  • Python API now compatible with Python versions 3.6 to 3.8
  • New generic library format for custom library creation and distribution
  • Update/extension of material library (Stacem materials, update of Preperm materials)

System Assembly Modeling (SAM)

  • Creating compact antenna array simulation projects by using array blocks
  • New simulation project reference block to support antenna array and platform projects in simulation projects
  • Fest3D blocks are supported as reference blocks for simulation projects


  • Automatic resolution and reporting of material overlaps for tetrahedral meshing
  • Tool for full re-meshing of selected shapes to an intersection-free mesh shape
  • Improved performance of mesh import and support for more keywords of Abaqus and NASTRAN files

Post-Processing | Results

  • Report Tool: Copy/paste of report items, import of reports from other CST projects
  • 2D/3D Result Plots: Separate 3D plot sheet, improved arrow plot customization
  • Far field Plots: Component selection from ribbon, improved 2D plot features
  • Template Based Post-processing: Copy/paste of defined result templates
  • Post-processing: Improved monitor calculation after solver run

High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Support of multiple MPI versions
  • Automated MPI-CPU setup for large projects (T)
  • Improved support for many core systems

3D EM Technology

High Frequency Simulation

  • Djordjevic Sarkar fitting for constant loss material handling (T, TLM, F, I, A)
  • Import of thermal fields for temperature depending materials from CHT Solver or Abaqus on irregular grid (T)
  • Automatic absorption of higher order propagating modes (T)
  • Added F-Parameters for waveguide monitors (T)
  • Added plane wave to solver excitation list (T)
  • Support of face lumped elements (TLM)
  • Robustness improvements for cable meshing (TLM)
  • Improved performance for initialization of complex models (TLM)
  • Domain decomposition solver with MPI support for frequency domain calculations on tetrahedral mesh (F)
  • Support of generalized port mode solver on hexahedral grids (F)
  • Adaptive tetrahedral mesh refinement for the Eigenmode solver for general lossy problems (E)
  • Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) analysis (A)
  • Extended range of applicability for the normal material (lossless) for far field calculation (A)
  • Added new preconditioner options for MLFMM (I)
  • Extended range of applicability for the thin panel material (I)
  • Improved setup of superimposed nearfield source (NFS) excitation during circuit co-simulation (T)
  • Hybrid solver task (bi-directional) (SAM task):
  • Support single plane wave excitation with bi-static RCS calculation
  • Support protected projects in source domains
  • Duplicate task functionality
  • Limited support of mesh imports in platform domain. Transient solver to run source
    domains and Integral Equation solver to run platform domain. (T, I)
  • Array task
  • Create full array simulation projects using more than one unit cell model
  • New option to select enclosure when creating full array simulation projects
  • Define mirrors of array element groups to define simulation zones

Low Frequency Simulation

  • Authoring of coil segments from CAD geometries (MS)
  • Added support for periodic sub-volumes (JS, MS, LT)
  • Improved broadband calculation including DC point (LF FD TET)
  • SAM Machine Simulation Sequence
  • Support of Synchronous Reluctance Machines
  • Improved calculation speed by reusing valid existing simulation results
  • Averaged values of flux linkage and torque as well as complimentary information
  • e.g. phase angles, units, machine parameters included in the export of the Functional Mockup Unit
  • Calculation of radial forces and export to the multi body simulation tool Simpack
  • Improved workflow and responsiveness of the user interface
  • Loss map drive scenario can be calculated based on a reduced order model
  • Export of dynamic machine characteristic / operating point function packaged in a Functional Mockup Unit
  • Skewing for d/q-drive scenario
  • Temperature dependent permanent magnet model (SH)

Particle Simulation

  • Added GPU support for E-Static PIC Solver
  • Added new collision models for particle-particle interactions
  • Particle Losses are now available as a solver results also before running a thermal simulation


  • New High power breakdown analysis for pulsed signals
  • Use of multiple SEY’s when importing the EM fields from CST Studio Suite

EDA Import and PCB Simulation

  • Improved multi-editing of PCB elements like traces
  • Improved and harmonized layout design view; view attribute manager now allows to set view options for individual components
  • Report tool to document the design and the simulation results
  • Load configuration of components (design variants) from ASCII file
  • IR-Drop simulation now allows coupling to all available thermal solvers (THs, THt, CHT)
  • SITD simulation now supports the new schematic eye diagram task including definitions of eye masks and shows an improved performance for the block arrangement on the schematic
  • Support of new wizard-like DDR4 simulation workflow
  • PI solver now supports component models of type Package Device
  • Elevation of PI solver ports to package level
  • Redesign of EDA import dialog UI with improved reporting
  • New bond-wire profile editor
  • Automatic creation of excitation nodes for Partial RLC solver
  • Two-level PCB thermal model simplification inside/outside selection area


  • Improved performance of solver start by avoiding copying design data
  • The design view together with violation results can now be exported to the report tool

Chip Interface

  • Automatic creation of excitation nodes for Partial RLC solver

Antenna Magus

  • Find by Value functionality has been improved to allow the specification of values for frequency, gain and bandwidth. Combined with the existing keyword search, a goodness factor is used to indicate the suitability of any given device
  • Constructions are more practical / realistic export assembly models. These are constructed using existing building blocks already contained in Antenna Magus
  • Variations, or helper models, are export models provided in addition to standard original export models for a given device. Variations provide the user with useful model variations, for example a horn with a lens variation, a patch with a superstrate variation or an absorber-lined cavity spiral with a cylindrical cover variation.
  • Radome Library with fully parametric exportable geometries has been added
  • A number of new antennas and transitions have been added to the database

Cable | Circuit | Filter Design | Macro Models

Cable Simulation

  • Option to show the 3D view in same perspective as the selected cross-section mesh view
  • Harness nodes can now be generated from picked points or imported via text file; they can also be picked as well as snapped to picked points
  • Control hide and show of individual harness elements like cable bundles or harness segments
  • Improved transfer impedance models: More robust circuit models and new export of transfer impedance curves in text format
  • Current monitors in cable segments probe the current of each wire as well as the common mode current
  • Electric boundary is now supported not only for bi-directional simulation but also for no-coupling and uni-directional setups
  • Improved accuracy of lossless circuit models for the cable simulation
  • Improved random bundling: Possibility to control the strength of the randomness and to define the position of certain cables as fixed

Circuit Simulation

  • Improved creation of Busses and display of pins and pin groups
  • Improved transient simulation performance
  • Extended Clone Block: Support for parametric cloning of 3D Project Blocks
  • Improved Touchstone Block: Parametric access to multiple Touchstone files
  • Option to use IDEM macro modeling for S-Parameter based blocks
  • Unified user interface for blocks
  • New Eye Diagram task with mask violation detection and size measurement
  • IBIS improvements: Option for IBIS waveform truncation to avoid overclocking
  • Automation: Added scripting option to determine/modify circuit connectivity
  • Automation: New scripting method for automatic block placement

Filter Design | Macro Models

  • FD3D
  • New filter design process for automated 3D filter dimensioning
  • New supported filter topologies and new filter components in component library
  • Fest3D
  • New automatic CST Design Studio project generation from synthesis modules
  • Enabled direct use of parameters and mathematical expressions in dialog boxes where elements are defined
  • New direct access to synthesis tools from CST Studio Suite main window
  • Enhanced Fest3D project exporting to CST MWS project
  • Performance improvement on coupling integrals numerical computation
  • Added coaxial/ridge T-Junctions and a general waveguide bend based on CST Frequency Domain Solver
  • Possibility to use arbitrary waveguides as ports of the CST Studio Suite element library
  • IdEM
  • Improved possibilities to compare different models
  • New option to calculate and visualize modeling error for different target configurations
  • Drag-and-drop of Touchstone and project files

Multi-Physics Simulations

Thermal Simulation

  • CHT Solver
  • Support for liquid cooling
  • Full support for transient simulations
  • Support for Distributed Computing (DC)
  • Support for k–omega (k–ω) and Spalart-Allmaras turbulence models
  • Support for initial conditions on solids and fluid domains
  • Import of IR-Drop Losses
  • Import of temperature fields generated by the CHT solver (JS, LF FD, F, T)
  • Performance improvements for temperature field and loss imports


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